Kaptiwa 2.0 pro Edition

Kaptiwa 2.0 Pro Edition

Kaptiwa 2.0 is a lightening fast, video hosting and marketing software so you can sell more. It is an online video player similar to Youtube and Vimeo. It allows you to customize the player so it looks more professional and optimize your site visitors. Kaptiwa allows you to customize the player on your website, so you are in full control of what visitors see on your website. Unlike Youtube which has a downside by driving visitors away from your website back to Youtube. Youtube also split your clients with your direct competitors by showing them your competitors videos. If your website visitors get attracted to the video the saw after they pause your own video, they get click on it, it takes them directly to your competitors channel which lets the visitors leave your website, without coming back. This is unprofessional.

Now when you embed Youtube videos on your site, it looks like the image below. Which has icons, texts which tends to drive away visitors from your website.

Downside of Youtube Embed videos

  • If you look at the video above towards the top left corner you will see an icon which is the icon for the channel that has the video. If a visitor clicks on that icon, it takes him to Youtube direct, the video is not going to play. 
  • If the visitor clicks on the text at the top left (Kaptiwa 2.0 Review) which is the title of the video, the video will play but the visitor will be taken to Youtube before playing the video. And unfortunately, the visitor may never return back to your website again. This is not fair for the owner of the website.
  • If the visitor pause the video, he will see bunch of related videos from competitors shown as more videos. The visitor might be attracted to one of those videos with captivating tumbnail. The visitor has been diverted and distracted form your website. He may not come back again. 
Youtube more videos

When videos are paused it shows competitors videos. Which allows visitor to click away from your site.

Advantages of Kaptiwa over Youtube

What Kaptiwa does is to allow you to maximize your site visitors. It gives you the capability to customize the player so that you are in total control of what the visitor experience on your website. You decide what the visitor see to click on by customizing the player.

  • There is no pop
  • No suggestion for other videos to watch
  • No click away 
  • There is no leakage of traffic this makes it super powerful

Other Features of Kaptiwa

  • Another good side of Kaptiwa is that it is super fast and easy to use.
  • The videos plays super fast with no buffering.
  • You can change the speed.
  • You can change the video quality.
  • You can add subtitle
  • You can add annotation, if you want.
  • You can buy the software and resell it with a commercial licence.

If you buy Kaptiwa through this website, you are going to have my exclusive Bonuses which is my customized bonus to you for buying Kaptiwa through this website. To get more details on the sellers sales page click on the link below. Also to get my bonus when you buy Kaptiwa click on the Button below. 

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